moto credit card processing

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moto credit card processing

Do you run a mail order business or take credit card payments over the telephone ? Then you need MOTO Credit Card Processing. (MOTO) means Mail Order Telephone Order. Also known as Mail Order Credit Card Processing or Telephone Order Credit Card Processing…Basically, this means that you collect credit cards payments when the customer and credit card are not present. Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions do not require the credit card to be physically present at time of payment. All that is required is the credit card details and the cardholder information. Our MOTO Credit Card Processing options are customized to fit every business with a wide selection of card processing equipment and software. Stop losing sales on your phone orders. Accepting Credit Card Payments over the phone is easy with MOTO processing.

At USA Merchant Service .com we can help your small or home-based business accept credit card payments by phone or debit card payments via mail order.

Phone Order Credit Card Processing is also sometimes called “CNP” which stands for “card not present credit card processing service. MOTO credit card processing can be conducted by telephone, fax or e-mail order. Stop searching for MOTO credit card processing and MOTO e-Commerce accounts for your business. We are the best eCommerce Merchant Account providers online and offer a low cost MOTO Processing Solution not found in the industry. Continue reading for additional MOTO credit card processing information or apply now to start credit card processing by phone and by mail order.

Without a doubt…MOTO credit card processing is the perfect solution for e-Commerce merchants who trade online using e-Commerce merchant account solutions that offer a Virtual Terminal.

We have several MOTO Merchant Account solutions available for merchants who need to process credit card transactions without the customer’s credit card physically present. MOTO processing is very secure. Many cardholders do not trust to enter credit card information into a website and prefer to provide the information to a live person. That explains the reason why MOTO credit card processing has far less fraudulent transaction cases.

MOTO Credit Card Transactions can be conducted in by 3 methods; Touch-Tone Processing, POS Software, or Virtual Terminal. Our software uses the internet to submit, authorize and process credit card transactions or electronic check transactions securely….

Virtual Terminal is the ultimate best method of MOTO online credit card processing because it is very easy to use and extremely cost effective. Plus…the Virtual Terminal can be accessed from any place in the world. All sales transaction information can be accessed 24 hours a day via the Virtual Terminal website account. A Virtual Terminal Merchant Account allows e-Commerce merchants that have MOTO merchant accounts to enter all credit card order details from their e-Commerce website. Free Virtual Terminals are also configured to work with an e-Commerce merchant’s website with a shopping cart script for easy online credit card processing service. We provide e-Commerce merchants with a totally Free Virtual Terminal when they apply for e-Commerce credit card processing accounts or Internet Merchant Account. Get a free MOTO credit card processing service or Free e-Commerce merchant accounts today and start accepting Credit Card Telephone Payments.

Touch-tone processing ( Dial-up) no manual submission of credit card data is required with this option. The entire transaction process is completed over the phone with a standard telephone touch-tone keypad or a cellular phone. This is one of the easiest methods of MOTO credit card processing for e-Commerce merchants because this type of credit card processing requires NO computer and NO internet connection to process telephone payments. All you need to process phone order credit cards is a land line phone or a cellphone…Its that simple…. An e-Commerce merchant can process Phone order credit cards or Process Mail Order transactions from any where in the world from the convenience of their phone. All orders for products or services can be done by phone, fax or mail…Processing Phone Orders couldn’t be easier than this.

POS Software is a Point Of Sale Software which is installed on the merchant’s computer with an internet connection. POS credit card processing requires a MOTO eCommerce merchant account compatible with a POS software solution. The credit card processing information is keyed into the software and encrypted through the credit card payment gateway. After the credit card is verified it is credited.. POS credit card processing software is commonly used by restaurants.

MOTO credit card processing systems help e-Commerce merchants keep their customers happy and increase sales when the customers credit card isn’t present.

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moto credit card processing