Free Virtual Terminal Software

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Free Virtual Terminal Software

Stop searching for Free Virtual Terminal Software or Virtual Credit Card Processing Online…Get setup for our Free Virtual Merchant Service Terminal.

Need to accept credit cards in real-time on your website ? Need an inexpensive online credit card processing solution for accepting credit cards for mail or phone orders ? USAMS can help you get started fast. For a limited time only, we are offering a totally free Virtual Payment Processing Gateway when customers sign up for our Virtual Merchant Account Services.

Free Virtual Terminal Software will enable merchants to manually process credit card transactions online and handle their account from any PC / computer via the internet. A Merchant can now easily login to a secure payment gateway website with their private login and password and charge cards, conduct credit card authorizations, process credits online and plenty more. The Free Virtual Terminal Software contains numerous online reports of all your Internet Credit Card Processing / Transactions and virtual website orders.

The Virtual Terminal Terminal Software, from USA Merchant Service .com, is a web-based point of sale solution that replaces  a traditional credit card terminal or other expensive payment processing equipment. Now Virtual Terminal Merchants can enter credit card transactions manually for phone and mail orders…Furthermore, the Free Virtual Terminal Software can also allow you to bill clients on recurring charges, run many report types, check the status of a transaction, and view previous transactions authorized.

With minor effort, you can now process real-time online transactions on your website via your web browser… Our Free Virtual Terminal Software is the most recommended online credit card processing solution in the industry…

Open a New Internet Merchant Account with USAMS and qualify to receive a Virtual Terminal Free of charge so you may process online payments and process credit card orders online easily.

We want to earn your loyal business, that is why we are willing to give away FREE Virtual Terminal Software when new merchants apply for Internet Merchant Accounts with us.

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Free Virtual Terminal Software