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Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is defined as a secure method of processing online payments or processing online credit card orders.

PAYMENT GATEWAYAn Online Payment Gateway Solution is used to detect and provide secure and effective online credit card payment solutions for customers who shop online. It is a highly effective credit card processing platform between a website and its customers. The Online Gateway provides efficient payment of products or services and gives e commerce customers a better buying experience.


Start processing credit cards online with our free Virtual Merchant Account Terminal offer….Thats right, if you apply for a Free Payment Gateway Merchant Account today, you will receive a Free Virtual Terminal so you can start taking credit card payments online.

Do you own an e-Commerce store ? Does your retail or internet web business need to accept online payments securely ? Do you oversee any kind of monetary transaction online ? We have the Best Payment Gateway Solution for you. An Internet Merchant Account from USAMS is super easy to integrate with your website so you can take your business credit card processing online. Apply for Online Payment Processing with us today.

Give us a try…Consider integrating our sophisticated Internet Payment Gateway to help streamline your online credit card processing and online e-commerce operations.

Our Online Payment Gateway gives customers the best options to manage virtually every aspect of their e-Commerce Credit Card Processing.

USAMS has developed a customized Online Payment Gateways platform that can suit any retail or internet based business of any size.

Free Payment Gateway Services from USA Merchant Service .com permits online money transactions for any business activity on your website. Customers can conveniently make online payments on your website to purchase your products or services.

Payment gateways solutions offered by USAMS provide an array of extra services not commonly provided by other eCommerce Payment Gateway Providers. These features include; send and receive payments by emails and money transfer.

Increase your e-commerce customer base today by allowing your customers to easily purchase products on your website from anywhere in the world with no hassles. Our system of online payment gateways is a very effective credit card processing system online for merchants who want to target online sales. With an ECommerce Payment gateway online, all your online money transactions are always safe and secure. All cardholder information is encrypted to secure payments. Plus, there is no requirement of technical or software knowledge to use the Gateway Merchant Account . It is the best way to manage the risks of ecommerce transactions.

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