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Price Beat Program

USA Merchant Service Will Beat any Competitors Prices !!! Our Credit Card Processing Rates are so low that we are confident to beat any published legitimate offer from a Visa / Mastercard Registered sales company or bank on the internet…We are determined to beat ANY competitor’s Rates that you should find on the internet by upto 10% less !!!

We routinely scan the internet to make sure we offer the lowest price for Merchant Services. But sometimes there are false offers online that are gimmicks or bait and switch techniques…. That is why the Price Beat Program was created.

How The Price Beat Program Works

Just tell us where you found the advertised “better price” by filling out the “PRICE BEAT FORM” below and submitting it to us….we will respond to you before 24 hours after we confirm if the competing offer is legitimate…. It is very simple.

Start saving on your Merchant Account Rates today….We Guarantee the Lowest Price !

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Lowest Price For Merchant Account Services