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Merchant Accounts

Get the best rates on Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing……..Submit our Online Merchant Accounts Application, to Instantly Setup Online Merchant Account Processing FREE ! If you don’t have a Merchant Accounts Terminal & are not processing credits or accepting credit card payments, you are loosing sales..Increase your revenue by getting a retail Merchant Account or Internet Merchant Account Free… Continue reading for info on Merchant Accounts .

…… Apply Now and receive Free Retail Merchant Account Terminal or Free Internet Credit Card Processing Terminal…we guarantee you a Low Merchant Accounts Rate.

Below are several options on “Merchant Accounts”

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Internet / Ecommerce

* Free Merchant Account
* Free Gateway Software
* Low Rates from 1.89%

Retail Stores

* Free Merchant Account
* Free Retail Terminal
* Low Rates from 1.19%

Mobile / Wireless

* Free Merchant Account
* Wireless Terminal
* Low Rates from 1.19%

POS System

* Retail POS Systems
* Free Merchant Account
* Low Rates from 1.19%

After completion of the Free Merchant Accounts Application, you will be instantly notified about your merchant accounts status via email…All Info provided on our web site will be kept secured.

All Merchants that apply today will receive the Lowest Rate, No Setup Fee, and a FREE Credit Card Machine or Internet Credit Card Machine.

MERCHANT ACCOUNTSAPPLY NOW for Instant Merchant Accounts Approval and easily accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and bank ATM Debit cards for business products and services. Unlike most other Credit Card Processors and Merchant Accounts Service Providers, USA Merchant Service .com offers very low merchant accounts rates….. Stop searching for Credit Card Processors, Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Service Providers…. Apply Now and receive Free Retail Credit Card Terminal or Free Internet Credit Card Processing Terminal.


Free Merchant Accounts from USA Merchant Service .com, will allow you to process credit cards and accept debit cards in your business in under 24 hours. Our Merchant Accounts allow you to choose from retail merchant accounts, wireless merchant accounts, ecommerce merchant account , mail / telephone merchant accounts,  mobile credit card processing and Internet Merchant Accounts.

Start Credit Card Processing Now & receive instant approval, guaranteed low rate,  no setup fee, and start processing credit card payments easily. Qualify to receive a FREE credit card terminal when you signup online for your new Merchant Accounts .

To qualify for our free credit card retail terminals, your customer must to be physically present at your retail store credit card machine over 70% of the time to physically swipe the customers bank card . Other wise, you can qualify to receive our Free Online CC Processing Virtual Terminal…Usually used for Internet, Ebay, Mail, & Phone Order Businesses that need to accept credit card payment online.

Our Merchant Service website makes accepting credit cards with business merchant accounts fast and absolutely FREE…. Take advantage of our current Merchant Account Service Offer and you will receive FREE CC Processing Virtual Terminal .

We are a Merchant Accounts Provider delivering Credit Card Merchant Services, credit card terminals, payment gateways and equipment to businesses in the United States. We have low cost Merchant Accounts Service .

Merchant Accounts – Our Merchant Service Business is a leader in the merchant accounts processing arena. Our wide range of Merchant Accounts Services enables credit card merchants to accept credit cards, electronic payments, debit cards and more. Allow your clientele to shop on your website and increase your on-line sales by accepting credit card payments and leveraging our secure payment gateway services and Internet merchant accounts ….No other Credit Card Processors match our offerings.

We offer numerous options on credit card payments ranging from High Risk Internet Merchant Accounts, to a Retail Store front Merchant accounts…

Sign Up Today for a Credit Card Procesing Merchant Accounts Free !

Email us for additional information or contact a Merchant Account Services Agent for info related to ; Credit Card Processing, Merchant Acct, merchant services credit card,  merchant card accounts, e commerce merchant accounts,  Credit Card process, online Merchant Accounts, .net Gateway Merchant Accounts, FDIS, Merchant Account First Data Independent Sales Agent Program, Cardservice International credit cards processing, virtual credit card terminals, etc,…

MERCHANT ACCOUNTS – Start Processing Credit Card  !….Get your Merchant Accounts instantly and accept credit cards.

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Merchant Accounts