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Merchant Services

Need to Process Credit Cards ? Our Merchant Services makes accepting credit cards with a merchant account easy and fast. USA Merchant Service .com is the single source for all of your credit card transactions, equipment and credit card processing business needs. Start Accepting Credit Cards today with the best Merchant Services provider Online. We specialize in Merchant Services and Credit Card Machines, but we also offer a wide selection of products and merchant account services which other Merchant account providers do not match. APPLY NOW

With our Merchant Services you can process credit cards and accept debit cards in one or two days. Our Merchant Services Rates are extremely low. If you are not accepting credit cards today you are definitely affecting profits. Our Retail and Internet Credit card Processing solutions allow customers to choose from retail merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts, mobile / wireless merchant accounts, restaurant merchant accounts, mail and phone order merchant account, virtual merchant account and other Merchant Services that can be customized to your business needs. By offering a diversity of credit card payment processing options, we have the ability to approve 99% of all applications for Merchant Services and merchant accounts.

APPLY NOW for Instant Online Merchant Account Approval and easily accept major credit cards for your business. Unlike most other Credit Card Processors and Merchant Account Service Providers….. Apply for Merchant Services online Now and receive a Free Retail Credit Card Terminal or Free Internet Credit Card Processing Terminal…we offer Very Low Merchant Account Rates.

Below are a few of our best credit card processing options to accept credit cards

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Internet / Ecommerce

* Free Merchant Account
* Free Gateway Software
* Low Rates from 1.89%

Retail Stores

* Free Merchant Account
* Free Retail Terminal
* Low Rates from 1.19%

Mobile / Wireless

* Free Merchant Account
* Wireless Terminal
* Low Rates from 1.19%

POS System

* Retail POS Systems
* Free Merchant Account
* Low Rates from 1.19%

After you have completed the Free Merchant Account Application online, you will be instantly notified about your merchant account status via email…All Information provided on-line will be kept confidential.

APPLY NOW for “Merchant Services”. Our payment processing services offers the following :

  • Guaranteed Low Rates for Merchant Account Services
  • * Free Instant Online Approval
  • * Free Set-up
  • * Free Merchant Services Application
  • * Free Merchant Services Setup
  • * Free Retail Terminal For Retail Stores
  • * Free Internet Credit Card Processing Terminal
  • * Free Online Payment Processing Software.
  • * Free Shopping Cart For Internet Businesses.
  • * FREE Re-Programming of your Retail Credit Card Terminal
  • * FREE Electronic Check Acceptance software
  • * FREE Retail Credit Card Terminal with Printer.
  • Plus, there is No Paperwork to Submit, No long term Merchant Services Account contract or Form to Sign.

Plus… You will also receive :

  • A Merchant Service Account for Immediate Credit Card Transaction Processing.
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Excellent fraud prevention and monitoring
  • Online merchant service information
  • Online management and reports of all your credit card merchant account transactions.
  • Technical guidance & support
  • A Secured Payment Gateway for Real-Time Credit Card Processing.
  • TeleCheck ®, check acceptance services
  • A Virtual Terminal for Processing Manual Credit Card Transactions.
  • Easy handling of charge backs & retrieval
  • Funds directly Deposited into your Checking Account
  • Hi-tech loss prevention systems
  • Online Record of every transaction custom real-time reporting
  • Hardware and software for e-commerce businesses
  • Free Discover and American Express Setup
  • Encrypted, secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Virtual Processing Payment Gateway , to accept credit card payments online

Sign up today and take advantage of the cash-less economy!

We have an array of Merchant Services ranging from Retail Storefront Merchant accounts to High Risk Internet Merchant AccountsWe can make it fast and easy to accept credit card payments for any type of retail or internet business.


Apply Today…Get a Merchant Account today & receive instant approval, no setup fees, guaranteed low rates and start processing credit card payments fast. Get a FREE credit card machine if you signup on our online merchant account application.

To qualify for our free credit card retail terminals, your customers must be physically present at least 70% of the time to physically swipe their bank card on your retail store credit card machine. Otherwise, you can qualify to receive our Free Online Processing Virtual Terminal..This is useful for businesses that need to accept credit card payments online.

Our Merchant Services website makes accepting credit cards with a business merchant account easy and totally FREE…. Apply Now….take advantage of the Best Merchant Services Offer and receive FREE Virtual Terminal .

Our Merchant Services Business is a leader in the merchant account processing and payment services industry. Our wide range of Merchant Services enables credit card merchants to accept credit cards, electronic payments, debit cards, electronic benefits transfer, and electronic checks. Allow your clientele to shop on your website anytime and increase your sales by accepting creditcard payments and leveraging our secure payment gateway services and Internet merchant accounts ….No other Credit Card Merchant Processor can compete with bank card options. Our professional Merchant Services, knowledge, experience and customer support makes us a  leader in  Merchant Service Processing

Do not spend extra money in contract fees,  virtual credit card machines, virtual terminals, credit card machine purchase or credit card terminal leasing fees..All Merchants applying today will receive the Lowest Rates, No Setup Fees, and a FREE Credit Card Processing Terminal or Internet Credit Card Terminal.

Fast Online Application (FOLA) – When you apply online for a merchant services account through our Internet processing software… You will get approved to accept credit cards fast…Get Started with our merchant card processing services today… We will process your application and approve your Merchant Card Account or virtual merchant account via the internet or by phone, with absolutely no paper work hassle…The entire application process may be completed in less then 5 minutes with our digital signature approval process..

Retail Merchant Account – We have helped many Retail Merchant Services businesses ….Apply today for your Instant Merchant Account and qualify to receive your new Retail credit card terminal that will allow merchant card processing or online card processing.

Internet Merchant Account – Do you need to accept online credit card payment or Need to Accept Credit Cards Online ? Apply Now and get Instant merchant services approval….We can help any Online business setting up their Online Merchant Services Account, payment gateway, online merchant processing, online payment solutions, online merchant payment and other website merchant accounts. Get a website shopping cart and easily Process Credit Cards Online with our Internet Credit Card Processing Account . Its that simple…. Pay NO merchant account application fees, hidden charges or setup fees…We are a free Internet Merchant Account Services Provider offering guaranteed low merchant account rates and free credit card processing terminals for retail merchant accounts and free virtual credit card terminals for internet merchant accounts…Its that simple, Fast and very easy to get started with your Free Internet Merchant Services.

Wireless Merchant Accounts – A merchant account allows your business to accept credit payments while on the go.  You can purchase or lease wireless credit card processor that can be transported in the field by employees who collect credit payments from customers.

Need Help or information on our credit card merchant services, merchant processing services,  or other Merchant Card Services ? We can help answer all your credit card process services questions….Our credit card processing service and merchant solutions are customized for every business type. Whether you have a high volume merchant account, high risk merchant account or bad credit merchant account…we can help you get approved and set you up for the best rates.

Accept Credit Cards FREE…We can help you with all your credit card transactions, credit card machines and credit card processing business solutions. That is why we are the best merchant services provider in the U.S.A.

Start Processing Credit Cards Today !….

By submiting our Online Internet Merchant Services Account Application, you will Instantly Setup Online Credit Card Processing FREE and securely ! Stop loosing money by not processing credit cards online or at your retail store…

Its a proven fact that revenues increase when merchants start accepting credit cards with our merchant processing services. Increase your Sales volume if you Accept Credit Cards for Business…Get your free credit card terminal and start processing credit card payments online or at your retail stores / shops. You will benefit from guaranteed low merchant account rates by accepting credit card payments for your products or services.

How to open a merchant account in 3 easy steps :

  • Step 1: Complete the Merchant Services Inquiry form below.
  • Step 2: A USA Merchant Services representative will contact you within one business day.
  • Step 3: Your merchant account will be live within 2 business days.

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