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Wireless Merchant Accounts

Wireless Merchant Accounts from USA Merchant Service .com provide businesses with a cost-effective way of processing credit cards on the road. Merchants can easily accept swiped credit card transactions at any clients remote locations 24 hours a day… This will result in lower swiped versus key-entered processing rates. Wireless Merchant Accounts are a perfect wireless credit card processing solution for construction companies, taxis, delivery services, trade shows, pay at the table restaurants or any other mobile type business that requires a Mobile Merchant Account.

Apply Now to qualify for Wireless Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Machine FREE

For a limited time, businesses may qualify to a receive a Free Wireless Credit Card Machine with a “Wireless Merchant Account”. With the combination of a wireless merchant account and top of the line mobile credit card machine, mobile businesses can accept credit cards in the field. Your mobile credit card transactions can easily be processed on our secure credit card processing network.

Our Limited time “Free Wireless Merchant Account Program” includes the following :

Free Wireless Credit Card Terminal

No Setup Fees

No Long Term Contracts

24-hour Next Day Funding

No Hidden Fees

Reliable Nationwide Wireless Coverage

Low Rates on Mobile Credit Card Processing

Apply Below & qualify to receive a wireless merchant account and credit card machine FREE

Wireless Merchant Accounts

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Wireless Merchant Account Wireless Merchant Services Wireless Credit Card Processing